Communication Handbook:
Communication and Visibility of Families with same-sex parents.

CommunicationVisibilityRainbow families live all over Europe. And as diverse as their societal, legal and political situation may be, recognition and equality are a basic necessity for all families.

In order to highlight family diversity in society and achieve recognition for all types of families, it is important that we forge alliances with the public service sector, institutions and policymakers. The collaboration with various family organisations can create a collective solidarity which will promote societal recognition. Visibility is another key to recognition for rainbow families, because it helps break down prejudice and enables identification. Media presence and targeted campaigns, such as the annual IFED celebration, will aid in making rainbow families visible as an integral part of European society.

We hope the instruments and methods presented in this booklet will empower and encourage LGBT parents and activists as well as other interested parties to get actively involved at a national and a European level in the struggle for equality and recognition for rainbow families.

Communication booklet:
Handbook for a successful relationship with the media

  • HandbookMediaHow to accept an invitation by the media interviews, reporting, debates, radio and TV programmes.
  • 10 Things you must do before saying “YES”
  • 10 Things you should do live on the interview or debate
  • 5 Things to do afterwards apart from breathing
  • 10 Ways of being proactive with the media even if you haven’ washed your face

Brief Comments on visibility and the media


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