grundtvig partners

Grundtvig learning partnership
Being an LGBT parent as an experience of democracy and active citizenship»
Term: 1st of August 2012 – 31 of July 2014

Involved Grundtvig Partners:

famiglie-arcobalenoFamiglie Arcolaneno leads the grundtvig project. The organisation was build in March 2005 in Italy. Responsibilities of the project are:

Project coordination, keeping the project alive, keeping the partners involved, to remind regularly the general aim oft he project and the specific objectives.

rbf_logoThe Swiss Rainbow Families Association was created in September 2010 and its one of the partners of this project. Responsibilities are:

ICT support, inner communication among partners, reminding the date for skype meetings to the partners, preparing the list of issues to be discussed, find out new ICT tools useful for the project (you tube channel), preparing the skype session, coordinating the web site, coordinating the video.

familiasThe ILGA-Portugal was created in 1995. The group familias arco-iris. Responsibilities are:

Monitoring, evaluation plan, veryfing the correspondence between project objectives and its results (efficacy), veryfing impact on target groups, veryfing relationship among partners, veryfing project dissemination, veryfing the general budget.

logo_vertical-300x201Kosmos Horis Polemous Kai Via

Dissemination, veryfing dissemination among organisations participants in the project + their members, veryfing dissemination in the local communities, veryfing dissemination among the lifelong learning community.


SateenkariperheetThe Rainbow Families Association from Finland

Reports writing, summing up all the skype meeetings, summing up all the vis a vis meetings, collecting all the reports, drafting the evaluation plan.